Tool Tips: Tenant Accounts Receivable

As a customer, I am certain you are aware that our team did a major rewrite of AR that allows for much of your tasks to be completed from only one screen addressing the frustrations caused in the past by having to go to many different places for your everyday needs.  But, as usual, with change, also comes growing pains!

The Lindsey Support team gets consistent calls regarding checking out by Cashier versus Cash Register.  Keep reading if you are wanting more information in this area!

What is the difference in a Cashier and a Cash Register?

The Cashier is the user taking the payments. The Cash Register is the computer the payment is being taken on.  You can checkout by Cashier or by Register.

Click here for Checking out by Cashier 

Click here for Checking out by Register 

For all FAQs on the AR rewrite (officially called the 8.1 release), click here

You may have noticed these tips in our weekly Support Spotlight email.  We have a big initiative set around the customer experience for 2019! We are striving to make all the info possible available to you so that you truly are using Lindsey Software to it’s fullest! If we, and our services, save you and your staff a little bit of time during your day, mission accomplished!