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Lindsey & Company, with offices in Little Rock, and Searcy, Arkansas, is a full-service accounting, software, and technology firm. With over 700 clients located throughout the United States, Lindsey is the nation’s leading provider of accounting services for the public housing industry as well as the for profit residential apartment industry.

Our staff has almost 300 years of combined HUD accounting experience which includes 4 full-time CPAs and 12 Accountants. Substantially all of our customers are Public Housing, Section 8 Agencies (PHAs) and multi-family properties (RAD/Tax Credits).

Higher Standards

Lindsey & Company, founded in 1959, provides fee accounting, unaudited, and audited electronic submission services to entities covered under the provisions of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Uniform Financial Reporting Standards (UFRS) (24 CFR Part 5, Subpart H) and Public Housing Assessment Subsystem (PHAS) (24 CFR Parts 901 and 902) regulations. In addition, Lindsey offers a variety of separate but interrelated services such as budget preparation, operating subsidy calculation, FDS preparation and submission to REAC, monthly VMS submission and monthly financial statement consultation with one of our CPA’s.

Lindsey provides monthly and annual fee accounting services to Housing Authorities across the United States. Lindsey provides electronic submission services to customers covered under the provisions of the UFRS and PHAS regulations.

We pride ourselves in our quality of work. Each PHA is audited annually and the Audit Reports are the best indication of the quality of work provided by a fee accountant. Historically our customers have received excellent audits. We feel strongly that you will not find any accounting firm that can surpass the high standards and proven performance that we have maintained for 50 years.

Fee Accounting

Our Fee Accountants:

Maintain Your General Ledger, providing:

  • Comprehensive Balance Sheet
  • Utility Consumption Reports
  • Schedule of Funds Received
  • Transaction/Check Register
  • Operating Receipts and Expenditures
  • Budgeted Grants Statement
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • General Ledger
  • Administrative Fee Transaction Report
  • Fixed Asset Schedules

Services Include:

  • FDS Submissions
  • VMS Submissions
  • Low Rent Budget Preparation
  • Section 8 Budget Preparation
  • FMHA and Rural Rental Budget Preparation
  • MD&A Preparation
  • SAS 115 Revie