Let Us Collect Your Rent Online!

Resident Portal, a Lindsey product, allows you to collect rent online and provide your residents with an easy and convenient way to pay rent. With flexible payment options and optional convenience fee give you control over payment costs. You can rest easy knowing deposits will be automated and you will have an automated reporting service to make reconciling payments to the payment type or resident a snap.

For Residents:

– Single or automatic payments
– Email and text reminders
– Scales to fit any device; smartphone, tablet or computer
– Text to Pay – they can simply reply PAY to their billing reminder
Pay with cash – click to learn more
– Payment history
– Fast and easy setup
– Submit maintenance requests

For Property Managers:

– Easy integration with your software
– Can be used as a standalone rent collection tool for small property managers
– Accept payments from your website
– Offer a scalable product to fit their devices; smartphones, tablets or computers
– Email invitations to sign up for new residents
– Email and text reminders
– User-configurable convenience fee
– Automatic daily reporting
– Fast and easy setup
Accept maintenance requests – click to learn more
Inform residents of important announcements with Message Board – click to learn more

While we give you the option to embed this in your website, doing so eliminates the ability for Resident Portal to scale to the size of the resident’s device (smartphone, tablet or computer). Instead, we recommend you link to our Resident Portal with a custom brand for your agency. We can integrate with any software company who wants an online rent payment solution.

Don’t worry about your residents figuring it out.

For a small, one-time set up fee, we provide you with materials to “Get Started” and get residents signed up to pay rent online.

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Our affordable cloud-based suite of tools give you online rent payments and rental applications with integrated tenant screening.

Rental Applications makes it easy to find the perfect potential residents by giving you the power to create, collect and manage your rental applications in one place.

Resident Portal
Collect rent payments and accept maintenance requests easily with’s online rent payment software.

Work Orders
No matter what the size of your company, Work Orders can and will save you time and money.