The occupancy department is the core of any housing agency. Lindsey Software’s Tenant and Applicant Processing module provides a single module to manage the entire occupancy department – from application entry to move out for all programs. By using only one module for every program, you are able to see the entire picture of a tenant’s history in a single area regardless of how many programs in which they have been housed. This also makes it easier to transition staff from one program to another because re-training is not necessary.

Tenant and Applicant Processing Features:

Family Master Maintenance – displays all history for every tenant from application to move out
Tenant Employer File – integrates with all tenant income screens and Word Bridge
Application Entry – first point of entry into the software. Allows user to add applicant to all Waiting Lists
Waiting List Transactions – Add or Edit a Waiting List Record, Drop from Waiting List, Make Offer, Reject Offer, Issue Voucher, Remove Voucher
Move In, Re-exam, Transfer, Move Out – these processes integrate with Tenant Accounts Receivable and HAP checks 50058, 50058, 52670, 1944RD, TIC
Robust Reports – Vacancy Control Log, Demographic Data Report, Family Listing, Re-exam Report, Movement Listing

Programs Supported:

– Public Housing
– Section 8
– Section 8 New Construction
– Rural Development
– Section 515
– Section 202
– Shelter Care Plus
– Tax Credits