Online Application provides a fully integrated, streamlined tenant application process that is easy, efficient and affordable way to accept, receive, and process housing applications online. It minimizes paperwork, eliminates data entry, and prevents entry of mistyped information, therefore streamlining the entire tenant applicant process from beginning to end.

Key Features & Highlights

– Entry of applications via the Web allows for streamlined data transfer of applications, upon approval, into Lindsey Software, helping eliminate manual data entry and possible data entry mistypes, saving staff and applicant time.
– Applicants can edit information on-line giving the applicant the ability to edit information on his/her application, and it will automatically be updated in Lindsey Software once saved. This eliminates phone calls to staff, saving time!
– Individual records for each household member applying, including Income, Assets, Expenses and Automobiles – Upon acceptance of application and move in, this information can be transferred to Lindsey Software, helping you determine the applicant’s projected monthly rent.
– Custom Weighted Preferences & Multiple Waitlist – Weighted preferences, for each individual waiting list, can be customized in the Admin section to help determine an applicant’s position on a particular waiting list. Different applications for different waiting lists.

Key Results and Benefits

– Eliminates manual data entry
– Reduces the likelihood of incomplete or inaccurate applications
– Reduces chaos of application process for applicants and staff
– More efficient and effective for both staff and applicants
– Available 24/7