My Waiting List™ is an interactive voice response system that provides your applicants with their position on the waiting list in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole. (Contact us for information about other languages.) All applicants have to do is enter their SSN or HUD Alternate ID and their Date of Birth. My Waiting List™ provides the name of each waiting list they are on and their waiting list position. All you have to do is set up a phone extension so when the applicants calls, it will automatically forward the call to My Waiting List™. Unlimited long distance is recommended, however if you would like a toll free number provided we can do so for an additional fee. Lindsey Software will update My Waiting List™ automatically with the latest waiting list information on a preset schedule.

“We decided early on that we needed to find an alternative to answering telephone calls for positions on waiting lists. When Lindsey developed My Waiting List, we wasted no time utilizing this service.”
– Gastonia Housing Authority

Experience My Waiting List™ now! To hear how it works, call 501-404-4133. When prompted for a SSN, use 666-66-6666 and when asked for a DOB, use 08-08-1988.