This module is intended to provide FSS Coordinators with a much needed and robust system to manage the specific information that must be maintained for the FSS Program.

Accounting features include:

Invoices – Users will be able to associate an invoice with an FSS tenant. This will allow individual invoices to be generated for each FSS participant.
Disbursements/Deposits Detail – Users will be able to easily view disbursement and deposit information for a FSS participant.
Interest Calculation – The FSS module will auto-calculate interest for each FSS participant.
Additionally, the FSS module will allow users to make deposits from the General Ledger module, offers robust reporting options, and provides yearly statements for each tenant!

In addition to the accounting functionality, users will have more robust tools for tracking activity and scheduling appointments.

Activity Tracking & Scheduling:

Service & Activity Tracking – Allows users to quickly select from a list of services and activities (easily setup and defined by each organization), schedule, and select tenants to participate.
Appointments – Allows users to schedule individual appointments with FSS participants, assign to a Case Worker, and add to a calendar. This feature also includes the functionality to send appointments to an Outlook Calendar.