Mobile Work Orders, built for the iPad and the iPad Mini has taken our desktop Work Order software and created a paperless mobile work order solution. Our goal is to save you time, money and to eliminate a few steps from your workflow so that you can work more efficiently.

“We immediately noticed an increase in productivity from 5.5 hours of actual work per day to 6.25 hours using Mobile Work Orders. That adds up quick!”
– Bob Ignico, ED Pocahontas Housing Authority

Whether you have a dispute for a maintenance charges while they are a tenant or for damages after they have moved out, our solutions will help eliminate challenges.

Use Mobile Work Orders to do complete all repairs and take advantage of the before and after photos of the damages and repairs.

With Mobile Work Orders:

– Reduce travel time
– Track travel and work time by Work Order
– Attach “before and after” photos to a Work Order
– Say goodbye to lost work orders
– Eliminate tenant disputes
– Automatically email pest provider when needed
– Create a Housekeeping Inspection Work Order when needed
– View and choose your Work Order by online map location
– Improve materials inventory management and control
– Track multiple workers per Work Order − simultaneous
– Inventory fixed assets with bar coding
– Eliminate data entry of completed Work Order
– Automatically update A/R without data entry
– Eliminate paper copies
– Save the environment!

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