Now you can experience the functionality of the HQS Inspections System with added features provided by our mobile platforms. The Inspections System still offers the same features that have made it such a valuable tool for inspections, such as seamless integration with Tenant & Applicant Processing, appointment scheduling and tenant/landlord letter generation.

This mobile solution allows an inspector to submit Mobile Work Orders which is revolutionary in the public housing industry. Now with our HQS Inspections System for mobile platforms you can take advantage of features such as:

– Create the best route for inspections to save time, gas and money!
– Track inspection time and geographic location when inspection was completed.
– Receive notice of inspections in the field via data plan through sync
– Upload completed inspection and print paperwork remotely to speed up contract issuance process.
– Email landlord and tenant a copy of deficiency list.
– Download & create and maintain routine inspections for Move Ins, Move Outs, Annual Inspections and other routine recurring inspections.
– Record GPS Location Information – Now you can utilize GPS functionality to notate the exact location of the property that is inspected.
– Attach Photos – When documenting conditions of a location or notating repairs to be made, you can take a photo and attach it to the inspection.
– Provides insurance documentation in case of catastrophe.
– Improves management control and oversight.
– Automate the printing of the inspection form, the deficiency list, the abatement and termination letter all dependent upon the inspection status.
– If you are not a Lindsey Software client, you can create an export and/or import file to keep your inspections updated.
– Customize forms and letters based on inspection status and type
– Automate the scheduling process

One of the greatest features about the Mobile Inspection Application is the option to include “baseline images.” On initial inspections, your staff now has the opportunity to take multiple photos of each room within the property using your iPad camera. These photos will then be saved to the inspection and synced back into Lindsey where they are stored, stamped and dated.

If a tenant claims damages occurred before their move in, you will now have proof of the condition of the property beforehand and be able to easily access those baseline images within your inspection. Images can be printed or emailed as needed — completely eliminating tenant disputes.