Lindsey Software’s Fixed Assets Tracker application will help you keep track of long-term assets, like appliances, vehicles, equipment and literally anything else you can put a barcode on. Using the camera on your iOS device or with a provided barcode reading case, simply scan a location barcode, then scan the barcode on each asset. Lindsey reports will show unscanned assets. Assets can also be moved to a new location just by scanning the barcode. Sync information back to your Lindsey desktop software with no manual entry.


– Inventory fixed assets for each building, unit, room or area
– Scan location and asset barcodes from your iOS device
– Move an asset from one location to another
– Add or delete profiles easily
– Sync with Lindsey desktop software, using your data plan or Wi-Fi
– Use QR codes to auto populate your Software ID and Password
– Easy to learn and use
– Recommendation is to use provided barcode reading case on iPod or iPhone