The Resident Portal from HousingManager™ can be your greatest resource for communicating directly with your tenants. The newly launched Resident Portal Message Board offers a convenient communication tool. With these easy-to-use announcements, you simply log in, type in the message to your residents and press publish. The new announcement will instantly appear in your Resident Portal Message Board for all your residents to see.

Imagine the power of creating a critical message in time of emergency, or updating on an ongoing construction or maintenance project, or even just serving as a reminder of rent due or holiday plans.

This will save your staff time and save you money by eliminating the time-consuming process of placing door hangers on every unit or paying postage to send out a mailer.

We live in a communication centric world. With the tools in Resident Portal, communicate with ease — Message Board, Email, Text.

If you need help using the feature, or would like more information about the software, please give us a call at 855-979-0770.

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