“We have made our products very customizable for owners where they can select the rent payments options desired, fee structures and levels of interaction. The end result is peace of mind and time freed for other management activities.”, a Lindsey company, provides the most dynamic and customizable Resident Portal in the industry. Our products and solutions for Application Management, Payments Automation and Maintenance Requests offer a suite of services that automate and streamline the most time consuming ongoing aspects of property management.

For residential rental property owners and managers, adoption of services means several things. Taking and qualifying tenant applications is done online with applicant flow automated and due diligence of background reports conducted as desired by the manager. For ongoing property management, the payment automation service eases collection of rent and smoothes cash flow. Multiple options and an integrated banking component free property owners from having to deal with cash or multiple processing services. The online maintenance requests service helps management meet the needs of tenants, even to the point of generating automatic work orders for the maintenance team.

For residents of properties, the Resident Portal services – online rent payment and maintenance requests – means ease of interaction and no missed payments. Rent can be set for one time or automated payment through eChecks or credit cards or residents may use retail payment locations. Maintenance requests done online ensure that requests are put into the queue and that requests can be made at any time.

Property Management

Our affordable cloud-based suite of tools give you online rent payments and rental applications with integrated tenant screening.

Rental Applications makes it easy to find the perfect potential residents by giving you the power to create, collect and manage your rental applications in one place.

Resident Portal
Collect rent payments and accept maintenance requests easily with’s online rent payment software.

Work Orders
No matter the size of your company, Work Orders can and will save you time and money.