June is Internet Safety Month

June is National Internet Safety Month offering the opportunity to remind yourself, your employees, your peers, and your family the importance of staying safe and secure online in this world of connectivity and technology that we live in.

The month of June was chosen to drive awareness for Internet safety due to the warmer weather of summer which can increase online activity in forms of researching, planning, and even sharing of summer activities.  Awareness should also take place when it comes to the workplace as well.

If you attended our annual spring seminar this year in May, you had the chance to hear Lindsey Software’s IT Director speak about security and disaster recovery and the importance in staying protected.  See below for our top 3 tips to stay safe:

  1. We have all asked the question from time to time “do you have a backup plan” or “what is your backup plan”.  This is ever so true for your business and the confidential data you deal with.  Consistent back up of your data and knowing how to access this back up could save you under a cyber-attack.
  2. Ensure strong passwords and change them often.  Hackers can be smart and technologically savvy.  If a password is something someone can find by researching you a bit, then they will find it.  Don’t use pet’s names, anniversary dates, birthdays, or 12345678!  If you have trouble coming up with something strong that you can easily remember, use a password manager program.
  3. Keep your anti-virus/security suite of protection for all your devices up-to-date.  Lindsey Software recommends ESET to our customers as the best compatibility with our software.

Email us at marketing@lindseysoftware.com for more info regarding online protection or details on ESET.