What’s New in Customer Support

Lindsey Software would like to introduce the newest “voices” of customer support!  Jennifer and Brittany joined our support team (Korey, Shane, and Alana) earlier in the year and are definitely making an impact!  You have probably spoken to them a time or two but here is a chance to get to know them better (and see them in action).

Jennifer Sherman’s favorite color is navy (fitting as she is wearing navy in the photograph below)!  Her favorite place to visit is Ireland and a really fun fact about her is that she has worked for the Santa Fe Opera!  Does this mean she is an opera singer??  Maybe you should ask her next time she is assisting you on the phone!

Brittany Ashmore’s favorite food is ice cream!  Her favorite place to visit is Mexico (same Brittany, same).  A fun fact about Brittany is that she is the youngest of 5 siblings!  I, myself, am an only child, so I would love to hear more on growing up like that!

These additions to our team have helped shorten calls as well as get issues resolved quicker.  We hope you are feeling the same positive impact as we are.  Join us in welcoming them to the Lindsey Software team!