Going Paperless

Have you ever considered that decreasing or eliminating paper copies and files could simplify your life?  Paperless solutions are being more and more popular in everyday life but especially in the workplace.  Going paperless can drive efficiencies you never even knew possible.  Plus, they are environment and budget friendly!

Here are the top reasons to go paperless:

  1. Increase productivity by saving time doing things digitally and not manually by hand.
  2. Time is money, right?  Operating costs are reduced when time is saved.
  3. Less paper means more trees- I think we all already know that one.
  4. Save physical space in the office by not having to store hard copies of files for ever and ever.
  5. Data will be safe from unforeseen damages that are out of your control such as fire, theft, or water.
  6. Lastly, going paperless allows for items to be accessed anytime, anywhere from a mobile device!

Lindsey Software offers many paperless/mobile solutions that will help achieve all of the above!

  • Mobile Work Orders
  • Mobile Meter Reader
  • Mobile HQS S8 Inspections
  • Mobile Public Housing Inspections
  • Mobile Fixed Assets
  • plus, eTenant Files with eSigning and Document Manager

Contact us at marketing@lindseysoftware.com to learn more.