“We take great care to ensure that our conversion process is seamless and painless for our customers, resulting in a successful implementation.”

Lindsey Software fully understands the importance that a proper data conversion has on your overall satisfaction with our software solutions.

Our installation team has extensive experience in converting data into the Lindsey Software system. We will work with your organization to assess your specific data conversion process and provide you with an overview of conversion parameters and expectations. Once the data conversion is complete, our installation team will work with you to verify the accurate conversion of your data.

Lindsey can convert PIC Building Units, Applicants, Section 8 and Public Housing Tenants, Vendors with YTD Balances, Fixed Assets, and Journal Entries for each of the prior 12 months, ensuring you have the ability to run a comparative financial statement. Prior to the conversion, we will provide you with data format specifications that will ensure a successful import. This option will save time, but will require verification to
compare data from the old and new system.

While many customers prefer their data be converted automatically, we recommend entering the data, as it will ensure the utmost accuracy, reinforcing the training on the software, so your staff can go forward with the software quickly and with little error. If you choose to do some or all of the data conversion manually, we will ensure a Software Consultant will be available to assist and provide guidance.

Because we understand that your time is valuable, our data conversion process is simple. Our data conversion process is as follows:

1. Your Software Consultant will contact you to request the specific information needed for the conversion. During this time, we will be available to assist you with any questions you may have about how to gather and format the data.

2. Once the information is received, we will install a conversion tool on your system. This tool will allow us to preview your converted data. You will be given access to the conversion tool or the information it produces so that you can review and ensure that the conversion is accurate.

3. Once the information is verified as accurate, we will perform the conversion of your data into Lindsey Software.

Data Conversion