Customers are the lifeblood of our company.

At Lindsey, we take great pride in our customer service. After all, customer service was the foundation upon which we built our company and still today is the main factor that our customers say is the most important factor they considered when making a software-buying decision.

“One of the things I have learned as a Director is the importance of cross training your staff. This point was driven home to me in September when my employee (that does all of my data entry) became very sick. I had no idea how to enter an interim/annual/move, etc.

Thanks to the awesome support I have received from many members of your support staff, this learning experience has gone relatively smooth. Have talked a lot with several members of your support team and they have all been very helpful and willing to teach me, rather than point me to your manuals and webinars. Because of the timing required for all of these items, trying to read through the manuals or participate in a webinar was not going to work for me.

“I can’t say I am out of the woods yet as there are still things that come up requiring me to contact your support staff, but the calls are fewer and farther between. I can’t say enough thanks to Lindsey and your staff for the assistance over the last two months, but please know how grateful I am.”
Lisa Ainsworth, Executive Director
Liberty Housing Authority

Customer Service

Our customer service consist of a dedicated staff of professionals trained in maximizing customer value via the delivery of effective technical solutions. Available Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Central Time, our Customer Service Team is here to understand your business needs and help you get the most of your Lindsey Software investment. Our experienced Customer Service Team is ready to assist you. Call 800.890.7058 option 2 to speak with a trained team member. Your call will be answered in the order it is received, with an average wait time of 5 minutes to speak to a Lindsey Software Consultant. At Lindsey Software, you can be assured the person providing you support will be able to assist you quickly, providing professional and friendly service.