“Lindsey is constantly growing and expanding in areas such as software development, sales, support, and accounting.  Please visit Indeed or LinkedIn to see current opportunities available to join our team.”

John Lindsey

Because we hire the best of the best, our employees are constantly growing and learning from one another. Do you want to work with top talent who will help elevate your skills? Can you challenge others to be more than they imagined through your own initiative and talents?

Lindsey Software Companies take pride in seeking out and hiring the most talented developers to create and enhance our suite of desktop, mobile and web products. Our team is driven by client satisfaction and client retention. We want your big ideas and your enthusiasm to uncover new and innovative ways to change processes through technology.

We’re committed to recruiting, training, rewarding and retaining the best people. To us, the best teams welcome people with diverse backgrounds and use each professional’s unique experiences and point of view to achieve the greatest possible results.

Having the proper skillset is important, but so is having the proper mindset. In order to make sure we continue to move forward on the innovative path we are known for, we have set up some core values that align with our business strategies.

Happy Clients – Our team takes a hands-on approach, working directly with clients and as a team to find solutions and create enhancements to our products. Site visits are encouraged.

Ride The Wave – We are always looking for opportunities to bring new technology into our business model.

Lead The Pack – We work as a team to develop and hone the best new ideas through creative imagination, communication and positive motivation.

Embrace Change – We are a software company, so change is the norm and not the exception.

National Impact – What we create today will have an impact on a national scale. Lindsey Software clients are located in 47 of the 50 United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

No Walls Between Us – We literally all work together in one room, creating a relaxed, comfortable environment to work together or independently. No micro-managing here, just good hard work and big ideas.

Family Spirit – You can’t bring your kids and dogs to work, but we do understand your family needs you too. No pagers, or “on call” nights and weekend(s).

Comparable to the Big Dogs – Our salaries and benefits are comparable with companies much larger, but that’s because we’ve been doing this for a long time. Lindsey Software is a stable, solid company with roots in Arkansas.