When Carl Lindsey Sr. was persuaded to take a position as executive director of the newly-organized Newport Housing Authority in 1959, the Lindsey name became synonymous with the public housing industry. Requests grew for Carl Sr. and his wife, Margaret, to manage additional operations for public housing in other cities. In 1961 they chose to devote their full attention to the management of subsidized housing. In fact, at one time the couple served as executive director of more than a dozen different housing agencies in Arkansas.

In 1969, Carl Lindsey Jr. joined his parents in the family business and helped them in providing fee accounting services to approximately 24 housing authorities in Arkansas and Missouri under the name Lindsey Accounting Service. Carl Jr. soon took his knowledge of the industry, purchased the company’s first computer system and started in his quest to develop integrated accounting software to simplify the entire process. By the mid 1970s, the family began to focus on fee accounting and business spread into Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi.

When personal computers hit the market in the early 1980s, Lindsey & Company, as it was known, began to develop software to assist housing agencies with their waiting lists, tenant and applicant processing, re-exams, accounts receivable, billing, payroll, work orders, and other administrative functions.

Today, Lindsey Software Systems operates under the leadership of the third generation of the Lindsey family. CEO John Lindsey and Board Chairman Trey Lindsey have led the company to become the largest provider of computer software and fee accounting services for the public housing industry. With a simple installation process, an easy-to-use framework and superior training and support, Lindsey Software provides error-free solutions to ease the workload on housing managers.

In addition to Lindsey Software Systems, the family also owns and operates The P.I. Company (, a leading provider of credit and criminal background checks for housing managers, volunteer organizations, and employers.