Lindsey is dedicated to innovation and market leadership in property management solutions designed to make life easier and ease the workload for housing managers.

Our full suite of products and cloud-based solutions has benefits that are easily recognizable by both property managers and tenants of properties utilizing Lindsey Software.

For tenants and applicants, our software allows for 24/7 mobile access and up-to-date status on all aspects of the application process, waiting list status, entering resident maintenance requests and monitoring status and for paying rent online. For housing managers, that means 24/7 contact with tenants about the things they care most about, without needing to be personally available 24/7.

With Lindsey, you only have to be online to be in-touch. Just identify your needs, select the software, and Lindsey Software takes it from there, freeing you to run your properties with less paperwork and less time on the phone.