2018 – A Great Year for our Company and for our Customers

The best thing about 2018, from a company perspective, is we released a new version of Lindsey Software, 8.0 which includes a new version of TAR and Receipt System which greatly simplifies the user experience and allows customers to do many things from one screen. For example, it puts applications, re-exams, rent calculation, work orders, utilities, AR charges, AR Payments, Fixed Assets, HAP Invoicing, inspections, and more all on one screen so users can spend more time on their job rather than navigating software modules. It also virtually eliminates user training which is beneficial for new hires who were not trained by us which, in turn, significantly increases their company’s productivity. For new clients, we have been able to cut our training time down from 9 days to 3 days and in some cases, we can do it all via phone training and then go onsite for follow up training a few months later. This means we can install the software and get you going within days rather than weeks or months.

In 2018, we were happy to welcome twenty new customers and we started the year off right with four more in January. We know there are many good companies in this industry so we are especially proud when customers who have our competitors residing in their state choose Lindsey Software, just as our new customers from Alabama and Kentucky have done.

It is tough to lose customers but when someone leaves you and then returns, it really means a lot to us. We really thank the Martin Housing Authority and the Ripley Housing Authority (both in Tennessee) for returning to Lindsey Software.

Thanks to all of our existing customers and our employees. Without you, we would not be the largest supplier of housing authority software!

John Lindsey
Chief Executive Officer

New Clients by State

Regional LCM Housing Authority – Alabama
Sheffield Housing Authority – Alabama
Texarkana Housing Authority – Arkansas
Little River Housing Authority – Arkansas
St. Francis County Housing Authority – Arkansas
Alachua County Housing Authority – Florida
Ford County Housing Authority – Kentucky
Hickman Housing Authority – Kentucky
Flemingsburg Housing Authority – Kentucky
Mt. Sterling Housing Authority – Kentucky
Princeton Housing Authority – Kentucky
Richmond Housing Authority – Missouri
St. Genevieve Housing Authority – Missouri
Holcomb Housing Authority – Missouri
Sikeston Housing Authority – Missouri
Hornersville Housing Authority – Missouri
Benkelman Housing Authority – Nebraska
Asheboro Housing Authority – North Carolina
Ahoskie Housing Authority – North Carolina
Martin Housing Authority – Tennessee
Ripley Housing Authority – Tennessee
Edinburg Housing Authority – Texas
Blossom Housing Authority – Texas
Caldwell Housing Authority – Texas