Knowing how to get the most out of your software is key to working efficiently! We offer several options for training, providing our customers with flexible options to meet their needs.

We want to be a SMART Authority!

Even on a very tight budget, we chose to invest in training and it was definitely money well spent. We have a new staff, so there was a lot to be learned in a short period of time. Gary Allen, our onsite trainer was able to fill in all of the key pieces of our housing puzzle. I honestly don’t think there was one question that he was unable to answer immediately, while also giving us some great insights unto working more effectively. Regular training is a MUST on any budget. With the ongoing changes in HUD regulations, compliance and upgrades to Lindsey, this 1:1 training ensures that we are up-to-date and able to utilize all of the tools in order to work smarter. I would have spent twice as much for the training that we received from Lindsey Software.”

Chonda Tapley, Executive Director of Harrison Housing Authority

Lindsey offers on-site training to impart critical information in a concise, accessible manner. The curriculum, customized by Lindsey professionals for your housing agency, offers interactive learning opportunities that combine hands-on workshops and exercises with group discussions and formal lectures. A certified Lindsey instructor always customizes modules and supplemental course materials to meet your agency’s objectives even on a one-time basis.
Our typical on-site training schedule involves a Tuesday through Thursday training period. Training can be conducted in a classroom environment or we can train 2-3 members of your staff right at one of your work stations, whichever meets your needs. And all of our training is done with your own data, saving you the re-entry time and helping to avoid costly mistakes while learning the system. During training, we will also validate your current information at MTCS to ensure your data is accurate and up-to-date.
Lindsey’s Phone Training is perfect for individual module training. During a phone training session, a Lindsey Software trainer provides one-on-one attention to show how to use the software PLUS provides hands on assistance as users work with the software under the trainer’s supervision.
Lindsey’s North Little Rock Training Center offers many valuable courses that not only cover how to use your Lindsey, but how to most efficiently use it. We offer several courses monthly for a variety of levels. From beginning users to advanced users, our courses are designed to provide valuable training on both core usage and getting the most out of our software’s many time saving features. Our Training Center courses cover how Lindsey can help you reduce redundant entry and errors, saving time and resulting in better efficiency for your Housing Authority.
Lindsey’s webinar training opportunities provide a convenient method for continuing education – offering webinars that cover basic software usage to advanced trainings, highlighting tips and tricks to help you be more effective in your day to day usage. Lindsey now offers recorded webinars that provide customers the opportunity to attend training at your convenience, not ours. You will need to create an account and login on the Client Portal to view all the great webinars.
Lindsey offers many Regional Seminars throughout the year, offering our customers a chance to receive training close to home. These three-day sessions provide software training for Occupancy, Accounting, and Maintenance, giving our customers the opportunity to receive training for all departments within their organization
Our experienced staff makes converting from another vendor’s software to Lindsey Software an easy process. Importing your files means you retain your tenant’s re-exam history. All of this work is done on-site with your staff on-hand to walk through the entire process, and our software system is designed specifically to address your company’s distinct requirements. Plus, we promise to have you working live on your new software system in six weeks or less.
In many cases, it becomes necessary to update your Lindsey Software. Changes with HUD rules on 50058, 50059, W2s, 1099 and user-requested enhancements require changes in your software. We recognize that as the housing industry evolves so, too, must our software. Thus, we developed the Lindsey Communications Server. The LCS, as we call it, automatically checks for updates during each business day and downloads them to an installation folder. Any updates that are available will be installed in the evening and will require no action on your part. This improves your office’s productivity and ensures you will always have the latest program updates.
We recommend Divinsa to keep your data safe from human error, accidental deletion, computer and hard drive failure, viruses, theft and natural disasters such as fires and floods. For more information, call 800.624.9561, or visit