Lindsey Software provides a comprehensive software suite to meet the demands of the housing industry.  Our Occupancy Solutions provide robust features for managing Applicant and Tenant information, while maintaining HUD compliance.


Family Self Sufficiency (FSS)

This module is intended to provide FSS Coordinators with a much needed and robust system to manage the specific information that must be maintained for the FSS Program.

Accounting features include:

  • Invoices – Users will be able to associate an invoice with an FSS tenant. This will allow individual invoices to be generated for each FSS participant.
  • Disbursements/Deposits Detail – Users will be able to easily view disbursement and deposit information for a FSS participant.
  • Interest Calculation – The FSS module will auto-calculate interest for each FSS participant.

Additionally, the FSS module will allow users to make deposits from the General Ledger module, offers robust reporting options, and provides yearly statements for each tenant!

In addition to the accounting functionality, users will have more robust tools for tracking activity and scheduling appointments.

Activity Tracking & Scheduling:

  • Service & Activity Tracking – Allows users to quickly select from a list of services and activities (easily setup and defined by each organization), schedule, and select tenants to participate.
  • Appointments – Allows users to schedule individual appointments with FSS participants, assign to a Case Worker, and add to a calendar. This feature also includes the functionality to send appointments to an Outlook Calendar.


My Waiting List™

My Waiting List™ is an interactive voice response system that provides your applicants with their position on the waiting list in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole. (Contact us for information about other languages.) All applicants have to do is enter their SSN or HUD Alternate ID and their Date of Birth. My Waiting List™ provides the name of each waiting list they are on and their waiting list position. All you have to do is set up a phone extension so when the applicants calls, it will automatically forward the call to My Waiting List™. Unlimited long distance is recommended, however if you would like a toll free number provided we can do so for an additional fee. Lindsey Software will update My Waiting List™ automatically with the latest waiting list information on a preset schedule.

“We decided early on that we needed to find an alternative to answering telephone calls for positions on waiting lists. When Lindsey developed My Waiting List, we wasted no time utilizing this service.”

– Gastonia Housing Authority

Experience My Waiting List™ now! To hear how it works, call 501-537-7741. When prompted for a SSN, use 666-66-6666 and when asked for a DOB, use 08-08-1988.


Online Application

Online Application provides a fully integrated, streamlined tenant application process that is easy, efficient and affordable way to accept, receive, and process housing applications online. It minimizes paperwork, eliminates data entry, and prevents entry of mistyped information, therefore streamlining the entire tenant applicant process from beginning to end.

Key Features & Highlights

• Entry of applications via the Web allows for streamlined data transfer of applications, upon approval, into Lindsey Software, helping eliminate manual data entry and possible data entry mistypes, saving staff and applicant time.

• Applicants can edit information on-line giving the applicant the ability to edit information on his/her application, and it will automatically be updated in Lindsey Software once saved. This eliminates phone calls to staff, saving time!

• Individual records for each household member applying, including Income, Assets, Expenses and Automobiles – Upon acceptance of application and move in, this information can be transferred to Lindsey Software, helping you determine the applicant’s projected monthly rent.

• Custom Weighted Preferences & Multiple Waitlist – Weighted preferences, for each individual waiting list, can be customized in the Admin section to help determine an applicant’s position on a particular waiting list. Different applications for different waiting lists.

Key Results and Benefits

• Eliminates manual data entry
• Reduces the likelihood of incomplete or inaccurate applications
• Reduces chaos of application process for applicants and staff
• More efficient and effective for both staff and applicants
• Available 24/7


Rent Reasonable

The Rent Reasonable module is intended to help housing authorities in the process of assessing rent charges proposed by a property owner. Integrated with Tenant & Applicant Processing and the HQS Inspection System, this module automatically uses the vacated Section 8 properties as a comparison. The system prompts you if a third comparable property is needed.


Tenant and Applicant Processing

The occupancy department is the core of any housing agency. Lindsey Software’s Tenant and Applicant Processing module provides a single module to manage the entire occupancy department – from application entry to move out for all programs. By using only one module for every program, you are able to see the entire picture of a tenant’s history in a single area regardless of how many programs in which they have been housed. This also makes it easier to transition staff from one program to another because re-training is not necessary.

Tenant and Applicant Processing Features:

  • Family Master Maintenance – displays all history for every tenant from application to move out
  • Tenant Employer File – integrates with all tenant income screens and Word Bridge
  • Application Entry – first point of entry into the software. Allows user to add applicant to all Waiting Lists
  • Waiting List Transactions – Add or Edit a Waiting List Record, Drop from Waiting List, Make Offer, Reject Offer, Issue Voucher, Remove Voucher
  • Move In, Re-exam, Transfer, Move Out – these processes integrate with Tenant Accounts Receivable and HAP checks 50058, 50058, 52670, 1944RD, TIC
  • Robust Reports – Vacancy Control Log, Demographic Data Report, Family Listing, Re-exam Report, Movement Listing

Programs Supported:

  • Public Housing
  • Section 8
  • Section 8 New Construction
  • Rural Development
  • Section 515
  • Section 202
  • TBRA
  • Shelter Care Plus
  • Tax Credits



Word Bridge

Word Bridge works hand in hand with the Tenant and Applicant Processing module, allowing you to customize all of your housing authority’s documentation and maintain it in one place. Once documents are created, you can specify where they will print (Application Entry, Make Offer, Issue Voucher, Move-In, Re-exam, etc.) and how many copies of each document are needed. Our clients tell us the Word Processing Bridge is one of the most efficient modules in the Lindsey Software system, saving nearly an hour in paperwork for every move-in and re-exam they do!