Lindsey Software’s Accounting modules provide an easy way to manage tenant collections. Our programs are designed to help your organization maintain accurate accounting records and better serve your residents.

Integrating with Tenant & Applicant Processing, Purchase Orders, Fixed Assets and the General Ledger, Accounts Payable is another important module of the Lindsey Software system. Not only does Accounts Payable simplify the tasks of invoice entry and check printing, but it also generates a variety of other documents as well: Section 8 Invoices by PHA, HUD 2516 Minority Vendor Reports and IRS 945 Back-Up Withholding documents.


Bank Account Manager (BAM)

Bringing together all aspects of account management and bank reconciliation – processes previously managed in both Accounts Payable and General Ledger and, to some degree, Payroll and System Utilities – Bank Account Manager (BAM) consolidates banking activities into one, easy-to-use application. BAM allows Lindsey users to import bank files (.ofx) through their online banking services to automatically clear account transactions, provide the ability to enter and code debit card transactions and integrate with our new Document Management System to increase efficiency in the data storage process. BAM also provides the ability to view all check information with complete invoice detail. The report preview provides an option to e-mail reports and images to others within the PHA. The improved auditing capabilities will also include enhanced security features.


Document Management System

Document Management easily provides housing authorities the benefit of being completely organized! This module allows you to scan original invoices into Lindsey’s Accounts Payable module and conveniently attaches to the vendor’s record. The Document Management System provides true archival copies of important documents and retrieving the stored information is a cinch!

Document Management stores the scanned images of the original documents in the Lindsey software and uses the least amount of memory possible.

Document Management effortlessly scans invoices at invoice entry so that the paper document can be tossed. Saving valuable time searching file cabinets for paper documents is simple with Lindsey’s Document Management System!


eHAP and eSTUB

eSTUB™ for direct deposit vendor payments automatically e-mails a copy of the check stub to every vendor. eSTUB™ is 100% automated, saving money on postage, paper and valuable staff labor time.

eHAP™ is yet another time and money saving tool that Lindsey has developed to make your job easier. With this unique application, a landlord direct deposit HAP check stub can now be automatically e-mailed to individual landlords in your e-mail contact list. eHAP™ also gives housing authorities the added ability to automatically e-mail every landlord a copy of the HAP Owner Register by date range.

“Before eHAP, I spent at least 2-3 hours each month processing HAP checks, and now, with Lindsey Software’s eHAP tool, I spend a total of 5-10 minutes each month! In addition, the cost savings have been around $300 a month by not having the expenses of postage, supplies, or time spent stuffing envelopes.” -Frankfort Housing Authority


Excess Utilities

When billing tenants for excessive use of utilities during a specific billing cycle in your housing agency, the Excess Utilities module is the answer. Charges are automatically calculated based on the tenant’s consumption rates. This module is integrated with the Account Receivable module so the charges may be posted to the tenant’s account. Excess Utilities also provides a printout of meter readings and charges to be posted.



FDS-AT will automatically transmit your Financial Data Schedule (FDS) to REAC from Lindsey Software, so you don’t have to type in the FDS info on the REAC web site, print it, compare it to your trial balance for accuracy and then submit while praying that the REAC servers do not go down. This program is designed to seamlessly integrate with Lindsey Software’s General Ledger, but will also interface with other General Ledger programs through a specialized import program we have written.


Fixed Assets

Lindsey Software’s Fixed Assets module is an effective tool for tracking your housing authority’s assets. Fixed Assets automatically calculates and tracks depreciation expenses and maintains accumulated depreciation in the General Ledger account and by individual asset. The system allows the user to specify the multiple locations that house the assets and can calculate depreciation either manually or automatically depending on your preference. Fixed Assets utilizes bar codes so that one person can take an accurate inventory of assets in less than half the time of the typical manual inventory process.


General Ledger

The General Ledger module is designed to assist you with the operation and management of the housing authority. It is an effective tool for housing authorities that do their own accounting as well as those who have fee accountants. The module gives you access to the financial standings of your housing authority’s accounts and provides information for researching grants and other expenses through a variety of reports. The General Ledger is integrated with all accounting modules in Lindsey Software. It is automatically updated when transactions are made in the other modules.



The Lockbox module generates a statement to the tenant with information encoded in a scanline.  The housing authority mails those to the tenant and the tenant in return mails them to the bank with payment.  The bank scans the scanline on the statement and records the payment.  The bank then generates an import file with all of the payment  information and sends it to the housing authority.  The housing authority then imports the import file which creates journal entries for all of the payment information.



Lindsey Software’s Payroll module is designed to handle all of your payroll needs. It interacts with the General Ledger module for accounting purposes. The software calculates federal and state income tax and FICA withholdings automatically. Quarterly reports are available. Vacation and sick hours are automatically updated as well. Payroll checks and reports can be processed quickly and easily.


Purchase Orders

The Purchase Orders module streamlines the process of purchasing and receiving and allows housing agencies to maintain consistent stock levels and minimize costs. This module is integrated with the General Ledger and Inventory modules and increases the accuracy and efficiency of the purchasing department.


Receipt System

Receipt System is a full point-of-sale system that supports multiple cashiers, multiple locations and multiple cash drawers. Receipts are printed with full detail of charges owed, security deposit balance and how much of the payment was applied to each.


Tenant Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable module offers many features to facilitate the daily and monthly tasks tied to posting charges and processing cash receipts. Unlike other software products, Lindsey Accounts Receivable integrates with General Ledger to create ongoing detailed journal entries. It can drill down from the Balance Sheet, Income Statement or GL to an individual receipt or charge.

By simply checking a box, your accountant can stop users from posting to the current month in order to run reports. All postings from other users will then be moved into the next month.

Statements can be printed with any balance due. Cash Receipts are processed quickly and a variety of reports are provided for immediate reference.


Time Clock Interface

The Payroll Time Clock Interface offers the ability to automatically import electronic time clock data.  At the completion of a pay cycle, users need only import the time entries and the payroll module will automatically create the payroll register and generate the paychecks.


Utility Consumption Tracking

Utility Consumption allows housing authorities the ability to streamline Utility Consumption reporting. Now Operating Subsidy calculations are effortless with Lindsey’s Utility Consumption! It offers an easy-to-use Utility Account payment system and multiple ways to track readings. Utility Consumption automatically alerts and notifies the need to bill a tenant. Lindsey designed Utility Consumption to report by gallon, kilowatt and cubic foot.

Utility Consumption to automatically updates Lindsey Software users without lifting a finger!