About Lindsey Software Systems

Lindsey is dedicated to innovation and market leadership in property management solutions designed to make life easier and ease the workload for housing managers.

Our full suite of products and cloud-based solutions has benefits that are easily recognizable by both property managers and tenants of properties utilizing Lindsey Software.

For tenants and applicants, our software allows for 24/7 mobile access and up-to-date status on all aspects of the application process, waiting list status, entering resident maintenance requests and monitoring status and for paying rent online. For housing managers, that means 24/7 contact with tenants about the things they care most about, without needing to be personally available 24/7.

With Lindsey, you only have to be online to be in-touch. Just identify your needs, select the software, and Lindsey Software takes it from there, freeing you to run your properties with less paperwork and less time on the phone.

Lindsey Software Systems History

When Carl Lindsey Sr. was persuaded to take a position as executive director of the newly-organized Newport Housing Authority in 1959, the Lindsey name became synonymous with the public housing industry. Requests grew for Carl Sr. and his wife, Margaret, to manage additional operations for public housing in other cities. In 1961 they chose to devote their full attention to the management of subsidized housing. In fact, at one time the couple served as executive director of more than a dozen different housing agencies in Arkansas.

In 1969, Carl Lindsey Jr. joined his parents in the family business and helped them in providing fee accounting services to approximately 24 housing authorities in Arkansas and Missouri under the name Lindsey Accounting Service. Carl Jr. soon took his knowledge of the industry, purchased the company’s first computer system and started in his quest to develop integrated accounting software to simplify the entire process. By the mid 1970s, the family began to focus on fee accounting and business spread into Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi.

When personal computers hit the market in the early 1980s, Lindsey & Company, as it was known, began to develop software to assist housing agencies with their waiting lists, tenant and applicant processing, re-exams, accounts receivable, billing, payroll, work orders and other administrative functions.

Today, Lindsey Software Systems is the largest provider of computer software and fee accounting services for the public housing industry. With a simple installation process, an easy-to-use framework and superior training and support, Lindsey Software provides error-free solutions to ease the workload on housing managers.

Management Team

John Lindsey – Chief Executive Officer

John Lindsey, CEO of Lindsey Software Systems, is a third generation leader of the Lindsey family. John’s family has been serving U.S. Housing Authorities for over 50 years.

John joined Lindsey Software in 1997 where he worked on the first version of Windows products released to Lindsey customers. John was involved in every aspect of this project including product development, sales, training, and support.

In 2000, John worked on the redesign of the Lindsey software product, incorporating wizards and many other features that customers use today. The implementation of these new features helped to grow Lindsey’s customer base by at least 300 Housing Authorities. John has also worked on other software applications for tenant screening which is in use by more than 1,200 customers.

Today, as CEO, he continues to lead Lindsey software by ensuring the software products offered incorporate the latest technology available. John’s focus is to continue providing housing authorities with superior software and services that allow them to focus on their goal of providing affordable housing for families, children, and elderly while integrating the newest technology available to ensure that Lindsey Software is allowing customers to work as efficiently as possible.