John Lindsey – CEO

John Lindsey, CEO of Lindsey Software Systems, is a third‐generation leader of the Lindsey family. John’s family has been serving U.S. Housing Authorities for over 50 years. John joined Lindsey Software in 1997 where he worked on the first version of Windows products released to Lindsey clients. John was involved in every aspect of this project including product development, sales, training, and support.

Today, as CEO, he continues to lead Lindsey software by ensuring the software products offered incorporate the latest technology available. John’s focus is to continue providing housing authorities with superior software and services that allow them to focus on their goal of providing affordable housing for families, children, and the elderly while integrating the newest technology available to ensure that Lindsey Software is allowing clients to work as efficiently as possible.

Trey Lindsey – Board Chairman

William V. Lewis, Jr. – CPA & Vice President

Will Lewis has more than 26 years of experience working with governmental accounting, budget development, and financial management. Mr. Lewis joined Lindsey Software after more than a decade at the Jefferson County Housing Authority in Alabama; he brings with him a long history of success in financial reporting, operational restructure, account system restructuring and HUD mandated asset management, which led to increased accountability and enhanced reporting in all segments of Housing Authority operations. He has also worked in the private sector as a Senior Audit Manager, in charge of more than 25 Public and Indian Housing Authorities, local water authorities, not‐for‐profit agencies, and local municipalities.

Will’s focus at Lindsey Software is to assist Housing Authorities in measuring the health of their operation to ensure the Housing Authority assets are managed in the most efficient manner while limiting the risk of fraud. Will also emphasizes Information Management which addresses changes in financial management processes, as well as industry changes in budgeting vs. forecasting.

Neil Arnold, CPA – Director of Accounting

Neil Arnold, Director of Accounting at Lindsey and Company, has over 10 years of experience in public and private accounting. Neil recently joined Lindsey and Company after working as an external auditor for not-for-profit and governmental entities. Neil’s experience as an external auditor will allow him to help Housing Authority commissioners and executive directors to better understand their financial statements and improve monitoring of their PHA’s finances. Neil’s focus will also be on assisting Lindsey and Company’s accountants to produce quality financial statements in a timely manner each month for our Housing Authority clients.

Management Team